Air Force One landed at Air Force Base Waterkloof, on the outskirts of Pretoria one night before Nelson Mandela's Memorial service. The crew was composed of Barrack Obama (President of USA), Michelle Obama (First Lady), George W. Bush (former President of USA), Laura Bush (former First Lady), Hillary Clinton (United States Secretary of State ), Susan Rice (National Security Advisor), Sed Cruz (Senator from Texas).

The flight from Washington to Pretoria took 20 hours, with a break in Dakar to refuel.


The level of rain at the moment when Barrack Obama step his foot on South African ground was low. The proof is small difference between two photographs of Michel Obama's umbrella. The pictures from two moments show more or less same amout of raindrops.


On those pictures there are dry places and puddles on the ground at the same time. That's second proof for low rain. The using of umbrellas also shows that the rain is not that serious.


Those tweets by Barry Batemann shows that moments before and after Obama's landning. It's obvious that nobody really cares about the rain.

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